Company Profile

What began in 1959, as a way for two machinists to earn a living after the Detroit-based plant they worked at closed, has become today a successful fasteners supplier to a variety of manufacturing industries.

Where We've Come From

David L. Stanton and Gordon Holmes got their start supplying studs to Continental Motors (now Teledyne – who continues to be a customer more than 50 years later!), along with fasteners used in Chevrolet's V8 and 6-cylinder engines. A short time later they were awarded their first General Motors' contract (FV5555), a significant milestone that allowed them to expand their staff and purchase new production equipment.

David L. Stanton Michael J. Stanton David's sons, David L. Stanton and Michael J. Stanton, purchased the company in 1983 with goals to increase production and reach new markets for their products. In the late 1980s, Aero & Auto expanded their product line to include bolts and other industrial fasteners.

Planned Growth

Housed in our original building in New Hudson, Michigan, from 1959 through 2011, our facility has undergone three expansions as our customer base and production output increased. A 2012 move to a new building will double our floor space, allowing us to further increase services and production to meet the needs of our customers.

Expanded Product Lines

Aero & Auto recently introduced capabilities to produce smaller- and larger-diameter fasteners for the recreational and heavy-duty vehicle production markets.

Three Generations Strong

Continuing the legacy built on his grandfather's three principles of business: Delivery, Quality, and Price, Michael's son, Michael, Jr., has joined the family business. Combining Aero & Auto's strong foundation of quality and customer service, with fresh forward-thinking ideas and state-of-the-art technologies will ensure we stay abreast of evolving markets. And as always, we continue to provide dependable, on-time solutions to our customers.

vintage photo of old Aero & Auto Stud Specialists building

Company founders David L. Stanton and Gordon Holmes enlisted friends and families to help restore what was once an abandoned building – replacing windows, painting, whatever needed doing – to become Aero & Auto Stud Specialists, Inc. This "we can do anything with hard work" attitude became the founding principal behind the company's success.